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The Torpedo factory

This is the first European prototypes of a self-propelled torpedo were created by Giovanni Luppis, a retired naval engineer from Fiume/Rijeka. The remains of this factory still exist, including a well-preserved launch ramp used for testing self propelled torpedoes on whichthe first torpedo was tested in 1866.

Sightseeing Rijeka

Sanctuary of Madonna Trsatian

It was built 135 meters above the sea on the hill Trsat 7 centuries ago. It represents keeper of the travelers and especially seamen who bring offerings to madonna so she will guard them or to help them in troubles or illness. Among other especially rises the gothic sculpture of (Gospa Slunjska) Madonna of Slunj and paintings from baroque painter C. Tasce.


Old gate - Roman arch

This is a portal of gates to Pretorij, army command from late antiquity. At first it was thought that it was a Roman Triumph Arch.

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